Our analysists guarantee the accuracy, consistency and reliability of our content through on-going contact with key players, conference participation and site visits. 

We obtain exclusive project data in interviews with Project management and C-Level Personnel. This bottom-up, project-by-project approach places us in a unique position to benchmark projects and forecast industry trends globally. 


Prompt and thorough analyses of new technology developments are crucial to making the proper decision—whether you are exploiting a proprietary technology or responding rapidly to a competitor’s move.  

FCBI-Energy provides independent technical and economic evaluation of both commercial and emerging technologies. Our consultants monitor and analyse the latest technical, performance, and safety developments worldwide. 


FCBI-Energy tracks the individual component costs contained in a representative project portfolio. As component costs (e.g., steel, labor rates) rise and fall, so does the cost of a given portfolio, providing a real-world context for total portfolio costs. The process we follow:                       

  • A representative portfolio of projects is defined.
  • Each project is modeled to the equipment level of definition.
  • Each project is then priced using a multiyear database of industry costs.
  • Individual project values are then aggregated into indices

Our global market fundamentals analysis will help you gauge possible paths for prices and the key uncertainties facing your projects.

FCBI-Energy integrated framework offers new insights ahead of conventional wisdom, providing a comprehensive early warning system that has a direct impact on investment, decision making and performance.