Available for one-off purchase, these reports provide all the global and regional insight that you need to proceed with confidence with your projects. With a large team of consultants around the world, our reports offer cost analysis, project projection outlooks, and company-specific strategy recommendations within the global energy markets. 


  US Ethylene Plant Construction Costs Report 2015: A data based study into construction costs and local labour markets for ethylene plant projects in the US based on original research conducted in 2015. This report offers independent insight into local labour markets for skilled construction workers in the US petrochemical sector and how they will affect the cost of ethylene projects through to 2020. Price: $9950
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US Polyethylene , Ethylene & Exports Report 2016-2020Production and export of polyethylene, ethylene & ethane from the US 2015-2020. Price: $9950.

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US Ethylene Construction Costs Data 2016-2020Construction Cost Data to Benchmark against Competitors and Maximise ROI. Price: $9950.


The Offshore Decommissioning Report 2013-14 Offshore Decommissioning Report 2015 - Gulf of Mexico (6th Edition): This timely report provides the latest data and market analysis to build a winning strategy in the world's largest offshore decommissioning market. Including: market forecast, offshore fleet analysis, decommissioning activity and expenditure and insight on decom activity by water depth, market size and the number of wells currently being decommissioned. Price: $3250

North Sea Decommissioning Strategy Report 2015: An essential tool to learn best practices from the foremost experts in North Sea oil and gas decommissioning to date. This research study offers expert analysis and forecast on oil and gas decommissioning projects in the North Sea. Packed with case studies in the North Sea which to enable operators to develop and deliver cost effective strategies. Price: $6895




Onshore Wind O&M Service Options Report 2015: This comprehensive assessment of the onshore O&M services landscape brings unprecedented clarity to this increasingly saturated and complex space. Harnessing exclusive insight into stakeholder preferences on the selection and deliverance of O&M service contracts through in-depth interviews, case-studies and an industry-wide survey this report dissects the cost, risk and performance characteristics associated with each service option – in-house vs. extended OEM vs. ISP vs. hybrid – and assesses suitability in accordance to owner/operator type and size. Price $3125.


Onshore Wind O&M Asset Optimization and Reliability Benchmarking Report 2015: This report transforms exclusive performance data and comprehensive industry insight into actionable intelligence to facilitate the benchmarking and optimization of asset performance. Access in-depth reliability analysis on 5.9 GW of turbine activity across an 18 year period at the component and project level, understand the techno-economic credentials of reactive, predictive and scheduled O&M responses, and get to grips with the latest breakthroughs in O&M innovation from supply chain alignment to industrial automation. Price $3125.

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Offshore Wind Foundations Report 2013The ultimate guide to assessing market opportunities, cost-reduction strategies and commercial viability in the changing offshore wind foundations landscape. Based on over 12,000 pieces of data, 1270+ survey responses and company case-studies and industry interviews, this report provides a comprehensive techno-economic assessment of the global foundations portfolio essential to constructing a business strategy best positioned to optimize commercial opportunities. Price: $3095.

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The Wind Energy Operations & Maintenance Report 2016Real data and independent analysis to help you choose the most cost-effective O&M strategy to maximize ROI on your onshore wind power assets. Price: $7195.


Markets Report 2014

CSP Markets Report 2015 seriesThis collection provides market potential analysis, project pipelines assessment and forecast to 2025 to plan your business strategy for CSP investment. Including one report for each of the CSP markets with highest growth potential: India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the UAE, the USA and Chile. Get a qualified assessment of the key opportunities and pitfalls in each market, gain complete insight into key drivers and barriers, CSP regulatory frameworks and project pipelines to help you form a clear business strategy. Price: $6995.

Parabolic Trough Report 2014

Parabolic Trough Report 2014: Cost, Performance and Thermal Storage: This detailed report offers critical market specific cost data in defined Parabolic Trough plants across eight markets (Chile, India, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE, Spain and US), realistic LCOE Models, Energy Yield and Performance Output Data & Analysis and analysis of The Evolution of Thermal Storage (TES), Market Share of Parabolic Trough Technology. Price: $3195.

Solar Tower Report 2014

Solar Tower Report 2014: Cost, Performance and Thermal StorageThis in-depth study will help you to strategically plan your commercial trajectory and optimize profitability in the increasingly internationalized Solar Tower market. Through industry-validated cost information, localized techno-economic analysis and inter-market benchmarking, this report brings unprecedented clarity on solar tower technology across eight global markets, enabling you to separate the fact from the hype. Price: $3195.

Quarterly Update

CSP Quarterly Update Reports The CSP Today Quarterly Update provides you with a concise summary of industry news, enabling you to effortlessly keep on top of bidding opportunities, project announcements and regulatory changes in global CSP markets. Price: $1980.



The Offshore Decommissioning Report 2013-14 Small Modular Reactor Report 2013: This detailed report provides a crucial up-to-date, independent and strategic insight into the SMR market globally. Providing you with the data, analysis and industry insights you need to construct a commercial framework best placed to optimize opportunities in the global SMR industry. Price: $3125.

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